Jennifer Henderson

June 2021

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer with both purchasing our new property and then having her list and sell our current home. We’ve known Jenn for many years on a personal relationship, so it was fun to work with her as our realtor.
It seems like a quick whirlwind really, but that’s how buying a home goes these days … We saw the property we were interested in and then she came to our home and did a quick walk through. A few days later she had sent us a package of comparable properties in our area as well our house type.
We sat together to draw up our offer of purchase, then finalizing our purchase and then creating the listing of the home we were selling. At each encounter, Jenn was prepared and professional and it was so seamless making these big life decisions! Jenn was right there with us from answering all our questions about the property we purchased and then helping us get our home prepared for selling.
Real estate these days is fast - Super fast actually and Jenn was right there with us the whole time - advising on staging and what work needed to be done to bringing extra items to help with making our home look picture perfect She was able to capture our home through photos and videos so beautifully - we still are getting compliments on how awesome our listing looked!
We loved working with Jenn and we highly recommend her - the bonus for us is that our relationship will continue throughout our lives and we will always have this experience to remember for years and years to come.

- M & K Fletcher

Philip Chabot & Joanne Baines


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